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above the law

above the law

Zhou Yongkang's Secret Order

4y ago


Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: Since the incident of the Tiananmen pro-democracy activist Li Wangyang of Shaoyang, Hunan, there have been callings for the truth from the public. The latest issue Trend Magazine of Hong Kong exposed that Zhou Yongkang, secretary of the Chinese Communist Politics and Law Committee, directly "instructed" to conclude Li Wangyang's case within three days after his mysterious death and led to the cremation of Li's and the destruction of evidence in three days. It is commented that the Chinese Communist Politics and Law Committee act as a secret service in China and have exercised powers above the law. They are exactly the reappearance of the Gestapo. The latest Trend Magazine of Hong Kong reports that Li Wangyang's body was quickly destroyed within 3 days after his mysterious death. 6th June, Li Wangyang was found dead having hanged himself in a hospital in Shaoyang City, Hunan. International media including the BBC began an extensive report on the bizarre death of Li Wangyang on the same day. People from both domestic China and Hong Kong urged the authorities to investigate the cause of Li Wangyang's death, since it has been highly questionable. Trend Magazine reported that on the evening of 6th June, Zhou Yongkang, secretary of the Chinese Communist Politics and Law Committee, forced by the very hot and intensive situation, instructed the Ministry of Public Security and the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Politics and Law Committee to immediately intervene and complete the report within three days. On the same day, the Hunan Provincial Party Secretary Zhou Qiang who presided over the Provincial Politics and Law Committee meeting also asked local party, government and public security departments not to pressure the province after hearing the report from the public security department and the Shaoyang public security bureau. He indicated that this type of stability maintenance will create chaos to the party and government as well as public anger. On the 7th, when Meng Jianzhu, chief of the public security bureau, called Zhou Qiang and urged the conclusion of the investigation, Zhou claimed, "the case is rather complex and there exists question for the forensic anatomy." 。 However, on the third day after Zhou Yongkang's order was issued, Li Wangyang's body was cremated. Former China Ocean News reporter Zan Aizong comments that it's always the internal control, the secret order, the documents, and policies. There's never legal governance by the CCP officials. Zan Aizong: "They are not elected; and they are only responsible to people above them, not below them. Being responsible to the people above them because they are the ones appointed the position, it is therefore his job to satisfy them. As for the public request, it's negligible." Zan Aizong comments that Li Wangyang's case would have been resolved if China was a country with an independent judicial system and freedom of speech. Zan Aizong: "The current China is a country full of cover ups. All things are trivialized to nothing, and sugar-coated." Mr. Chiang from mainland China indicates that not many Chinese know about Li Wangyang's incident. Mr. Chiang: "Our education has done its job to brainwash for so many years, our media was never free but propaganda of the party, and therefore, Li Wangyang's incident will never get publicized by the media or the internet." It is said that on the afternoon of June 8, an autopsy without agreement with family, relatives or a third witness on Li Wangyang by Shaoyang public security. Yin Zhenan, a good friend of Li Wangyang also confirmed that Shaoyang public security cremated Li Wangyang on June 9. Mr. Lu who used to teach at the public security academy in China indicates that the Chinese Communist Politics and Law Committee is a spy agency. Mr. Lu: "The spy agency possesses enormous p...