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ZenMeds in JAmAIcA 5:30?AM 7/25/12 ::MIND:IS:SACRED:GROUND::Accept The Bright Morning Star::

4y ago


SUPER CHEMTRAIL ATTACK ON 'VENUS':: MIND:IS:SACRED:GROUND ::Accept The Bright Morning Star:: Wednesday Evening July 25, 2012 Western JamAIcA 4:15PM ItIsWith DeepRegret I'n'I find myself here. Whatever. Accept The Bright Morning Star Venus metaphysical Christ Consciousness Christos in the east from3ishAm and follow to after 6 as H.I.M.apparently maintains a steadier position up to about 70 degrees above horizon and contrast to how fast VENUS H.I.M. rises up after 3 to 4ish rises really fast and is BRIGHTEST note brightness changing and note rate of change of ascension coming out of FULL APOGEE TURN OF ECCENTRIC ELLIPTIC ORBIT .of AMEN-NIBIRU HIS IMPERIALMAJESTY H.I.M. LIGHTSHIP THE CONSPIRACY IS AT HAND. Nephalim are involved in COLORADO BATMAN SHOOTING ISNOT A SHOOTING. GENESIS 19 STAY OVERNIGHT ABDUCTIONS COVERUP COMPLICIT WORLD GOVTS. HOLMES MINDCONTROL IS A INVOCATION BIOLOCATION DEMONIC POSSESSION.