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5y ago


Short for The YUME Festival of International Independent Urban Arts & Culture, The YUME FEST is based on one simple idea : To create a global festival, offering a unique artistic selection while bringing the rising stars from the disciplines of Music, Art, and Fashion together to build bridges between different cities around the world. YUME FEST “Makes The World Smaller.” Successfully launched in 2010 in Tokyo, Japan and New York City, YUME FEST is holding up to its ideology. By localizing the long standing international indie movement YUME FEST will open doors to new cities across the globe to the artists, musicians, and fashionistas who are looking to break the mold and create new and exciting movements globally. YUME Fest looks to create viable opportunities for niche brands and larger corporate impressions to interact with the people and places that influence their products at a grass roots level within an authentic environment tailored by artists for artists. In 2011 The YUME Group will look to hold its second season of YUME FEST in Tokyo, NYC, and expand to Atlanta, Georgia, Toronto, Canada, and London. By utilizing the power of social networking and working hard to procure key partnerships in each city across the globe, we are able to truly assess the needs of the artistic community and how they really want to interact with one another as well as brands from across the globe. With each new city added we hope to support and inspire new creative relationships that assist the global arts community in growth as well as allow it to address global issues that effect everyone despite race, culture, or religion.