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Your Song (Stef Cover) * 'REVAMPED RE-UPLOAD' *

1y ago


This is my cover version of Sir Elton John's hit record 'Your Song' of which I bought on vinyl in the 70's and is a song I have enjoyed singing and playing for many years. The video footage is of Doctor's Point, Blueskin Bay, Otago, New Zealand and was filmed by Lou a few weeks ago, along with the video footage of me singing and playing the song too, of which was sung shortly afterwards. The finale never ending sunset photo was taken in our back garden in Warrington, Blueskin Bay and all the tweeting birds are local ! No copyright infringement intended. All rights go to their appropriate owners. * CHANNEL UPDATE * Due to the continued personal negative messages I have received over the past wee while about my transgender status, my singing, my guitar playing and also the very fact of sharing some of the personal things in my life too then all EggBanjoCafe video voting has now been disabled and video and channel comments are all now by approval only. I'm simply not here for the votes and basically am here to find individuals who may share some common things to me in life. Perhaps I may also find some local folks who might perhaps enjoy a periodical get together jam, purely for pastime fun. It's all so very easy for some folks to totally trash a person's true passions from behind the safe haven of a computer screen. And having said that there's only so much negativity a person can take in 'One' lifetime. Life is far too short for all this hatred and venom on Youtube. Yes, I am transgender and have been all my life. It's who I am and that will not change regardless of the haters. I am here on the tube purely to share the passions in my life with those people that might enjoy what I have to offer. I am NOT a professional guitar player/singer but it is something I have always enjoyed from an early age, purely from a relaxing, chill angle. If you don't accept minority groups or don't like what I have to offer here on YouTube that's cool and is very much your prerogative but I humbly request that you take your negativity, venom, hatred and judgementalism elsewhere and simply 'move-on' with your life. It really 'is' that easy. HOWEVER, if you 'DO' like some of what I have uploaded here then that's really cool too and you can either Subscribe to TheEggBanjoCafe channel if you so wish or alternatively you can just enjoy some of the videos and then perhaps periodically check back again, as and when, for any new uploads. Enjoy your day, Peace, Stef.