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production coordinator

production coordinator

You Know You're Asian If (Part 2)

4y ago


Back by popular demand! Looks like there's more Asian in you than you thought huh? Guess we all got an Asian mom inside of us. Let us know about the Asian inside of you in the comments. JOE'S SHIRT: YOU KNOW YOU'RE ASIAN IF PART 1: BLOOPERS: GAMER CHANNEL: WEBSITE: MERCHANDISE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: TUMBLR: Special Thanks: Wes "Wuz Good" Armstrong!/WuzGood Credits: Creative Minds: Joe Jo (@joverdose) & Bart Kwan (@bartkwan) Director-Casey Chan (@chanmanprod) Director of Photography-Casey Chan (@chanmanprod) Assistant Director- Tom Trinh (@tomttrinh) Producer- Tommy Trinh (@tomttrinh) Production Coordinator- Geo Antoinette (@geo_antoinette) Sound- Thomas Trinh (@tomttrinh) Behind-The-Scenes- Devin White (@KidHaru) & Kevin (@Chanterprise) Production Assistant- Anhieee Nguyen (@Anhieee) you know you're asian if, asian, part 2, sequal, pt 2, justkiddingfilms, just kidding films, jkfilms, jkf, film, funny, parody, never before seen, new release, new, comedy, funny video, unreleased, exclusive, improv, spoof, humor, premier, footage, fail, fantasy, short film, sketch, stereotype, lil wayne, azn, strict Asian, tiger mom, call me maybe, Jeremy lin, far east movement, linsanity, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Asian parents, carly, rae, jepsen, call, me, maybe