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You are a Child of the Internet

4y ago


A satirical take on today's internet-dominated world... Based on the 1927 poem "Desiderata" by Max Ehrmann (original text at See also © RethinkTheNet YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE INTERNET Go zealously amid the bits and bytes And remember what joy there may be in boasting As far as possible, without exception, Be online with each and everyone Speak your truth jadedly and bluntly And watch all others Even the dumb and insipid, For they too have their channel Avoid offline and ugly persons. They will add nothing to your profile. If you compare your posts with others You're sure to feel better and smarter. For always there will be, somewhere, Losers greater than yourself. Enjoy your followers as well as your friends. Doggedly update your status, however bland. It is vital information about the trite and mundane. Resort to panic in your business dealings For hindsight will always come too late. But let this not push you into the Luddite path. Existence means being digital And there are many ways to be nothing but. Be anyone. Especially do not be your true self. Neither be attached to net love. For in the face of multiple screens and system errors. It is as ephemeral as batteries. Count meanly the zeroes of Googol, Gracefully surrendering yourself to its numeric wisdom. Nurture strength of silicon And put not your trust in carbon. Worry yourself not about reflection and substance. Only the meek seek solitude and meaning. Beyond the constant flow of chats, Be never alone. You are a child of the internet, no less than the zeroes and ones. Your duty is to be here. And whether or not it's been told to you, Know that the big network is watching all that it can. Therefore, be at peace with It, whatever you conceive "It" to be. And whatever you, or your avatar, desire. And despite the lure of just being, do keep up with it. Despite all its novices, regulation and blackouts, It is still a beautiful realm. Be happy. Strive to be famous. © RethinkTheNet