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new muslims

new muslims

YM & Essence of the Qur'an with Wisam Sharieff part 3

2y ago


the conclusion of the talk What makes the Qur'an flawless? It's the only book in existence which you can read, derive multiple meanings from, apply in many circumstances, tells you events from the past, events of the future, has no grammatical imperfections, can be memorized by those who try to memorize it, was revealed in seven tones and can be recited in ten ways, which tells you how to live your life, and if you follow it, you simply cannot go wrong. This event is a promotional event for the class titled "Essentials of Tajweed" which will be taught at Darul Islah within the next two months (date is TBA). Br. Wisam will be teaching the class. It will be held on December 25th at 6pm. Br. Wisam will also be giving the Jumu'ah khutbah that day. Our speaker will be Br. Wisam Sharieff. He is a hafidh of the Qur'an who studied arabic and Quranic recitation in Egypt. He is currently teaching a tajweed course called "Essentials of Tajweed" with the Bayyinah Institute. He has been able to successfully take new Muslims with this course and have had them reading Qur'an within eight days of taking their shahadah! This event will include free platters from 53rd and 6th for everyone who will attend. We will also have Sh. Walid ElBatrawish to start off the program with Quranic recitation. Bring your friends and family! YM http:/./ Youth Division of ICNA, visit http:/./