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sweet love

sweet love

Yim Jae Beum (임재범) This Too Shall Pass (이 또한 지나 가리라) (acoustic guitar solo)

4y ago


arranged and played by me acoustic guitar solo 임재범 Yim Jae Beum 이 또한 지나 가리라 This Too Shall Pass Yim Jae Bum - [To....] album for me he's one of the greatest singer he's a legend :) i'll probably do some more of the song in the album Check my channel for more Offical Music Video In July of 2012, Yim Jae Beum makes his come back in eight years with his 8th full-length album, containing music of various genres and brighter tone than his traditional music style. The title of the album [To...] represents his desire for the significance contained in his songs to be felt not only by himself, but delivered like a letter with a special meaning to others. The album contains his wish to engage in various genres rather than confining to a single genre, with an adequate harmony between communication and freedom. The 6th album also offers a DVD with music videos starred and written by Yim Jae Beum himself. It is even more meaningful in that he stars in most of the music videos, unlike in the past in which he rarely appeared in his own music videos. The DVD titles include a docu-story containing sketches of him working on this album as well as an interview on his thoughts about the album, and an almost unheard of 6 music videos out of the 11 new tracks Track List: 01. 어떤날, 너에게 02. 길 03. 끝,시작 04. Dream Of Vision 05. 재회 (나는 작사가다 당선작) 06. 행복을 찾아서 (Feat. 백아연(Baek Ah Yeon)) 07. Sweet Love 08. 이 또한 지나 가리라 09. 지금,여기 10. 가슴소리 (위메이드 천룡기 O.S.T 사랑테마) 11. Angel (위메이드 천룡기 O.S.T 메인테마곡) 12. 사랑한다면 (Bonus Track)