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Yeti Jump - iPhone & iPad Gameplay Video

2y ago


Web: Twitter @ iGamesView : Follow Us on Google Plus : iGamesView Youtube: Like us on Fb: **************************************************************************** Subscribe to get DAILY UPDATES with games released on the iOs *************************************************************************** If you are a game developer and you wanted a trailer or a video onto the channel then shoot across a message or you can also mail to: ************************************************************* Logos and trademarks belong to respective owners. Yeti Jump Category: "Games", "Entertainment", "Adventure", "Arcade" Description /// Caution: The game you are about to play is extremely addictive! /// **** Survival of the infamous Yeti is at stake! In search of food for his babies, Yeti has fallen off of Mount PulledStrings. Yeti must speed his way back up the infinitely high mountain; along the way, you will help Yeti find his babies, but beware of the formidable Sasquatch in this adrenaline pumping adventure! Use your skills to keep Yeti alive and jumping for as long as possible, but beware of the big brown Sasquatch egg (you do not want to anger the fabled Sasquatch!) Use the Yeti's egg to your advantage; the babies will help you along the way! **** •Jump your way to the highest score, avoiding the Sasquatch and with the help of the yeti babies! •Yeti Jump is arguably the single most addictive game of 2012! •Prepare yourself to be permanently occupied for hours and in some cases, for DAYS. •Great for adults and kids of all ages! •Highly enjoyable, detailed graphics and art! •Possibly the greatest game to ever hit the App Store! **** This is the BEST game for the iPad, PERIOD. --Brandon Crews Oh my gosh, the Yeti Babies were so adorable! --Chelsea Bryant I will have the highest score on this game! --Laedean Cannon ASDFGHJKL! -Anonymous **** Yeti Jump features the choice of two funtastic modes - Touch mode or Tilt mode. Choose your mode wisely to suit your jumping desire! Brace yourself for the most detailed platform jumper your eyes have ever seen! But wait, there are more features! -Full Retina display support for iPhone & iPad -Unique, beautifully enhanced HD design and graphics -Realistic physics -Broken, moving and solid "Ice" platforms -Epically attractive characters -Very Informative and designed "How to play" screen -Toggle high quality music and sound effects on or off -Convenient pause/play button -Awesome Yeti babies! -Game center enabled -Share and challenge friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter -'nuff said **** Jump your furry friend as high as you can! The existence of the Yeti depends on it!!