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real life

Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case - Promo Video

4y ago


Purchase yours today: & help us reach our funding goal! The World's First iPhone 4 Stun Gun Case. This innovative case increases your safety, increases your battery life and increases your peace of mind! For busy iPhone 4 owners that need an immediate, practical form of self defense. The Yellow Jacket defense case was invented by Seth Froom after a real life armed robbery experience in which the robber took his iPhone 4 and cash. In the aftermath of the robbery, Seth was determined to incorporate a self defense product into the most widely used device on the market, your smartphone. By chance, he placed a stun gun into the iPhone case that the robber had left and he had his AHA moment! Seth then designed a smartphone case that houses a 650K volt contact stun gun inside. This is meant to provide 2 convenient benefits to the owner: immediate, convenient form of self defense and durable protection of the phone. What many people don't know is Yellow Jacket's added feature: an external battery that powers your phone for up to 20 additional hours! Hear our story & buy yours today: First 100 go for $85. They will retail for $125 in September.