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Xbox Makes Wii U Look DUMB?

4y ago


E3 2012 is happening and the Press Conferences for Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are over. These are my thoughts on the Big 3 and how Xbox Smart Glass is basically giving the bird to WiiU. • YouTube: • Twitter:!/twthereddragon • Live: • Facebook: • Google +: • GTPO: • Gaming News: • Gaming News Twitter:!/BattleStrats • Subscribe: Royalty Free Music By Incompetech Song: Protofunk ISRC: US-UAN-11-00103 WiiU "Wii U" Nintendo E3 2012 Microsoft Xbox "Xbox 360"" PS3 Playstation Sony "Smart Glass" Smartglass Smart Glass Tablet Mobile Madden Battery Life gameplay graphics "Unreal Engine 4" Mario ZombieU Miiverse Games Video Games Industry News info vlog commentary cost review preview compared