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山卡啦Facebook 專頁: 山卡啦Facebook 群組: G大調Facebook 專頁: G大調微博: 民間「回歸」十五週年主題曲—《香港人的難忘時刻》 原曲:難忘時刻 改編作詞、MV製作:山卡啦 主唱:涼震驚、思歪娘、池日嵐、G大調、維他命Z、談美異酷、晨早講早晨、哥斯拉、針針、小測 二次編曲音樂製作: Guitar performed by 隨心 recorded by 重低陰 Bass performed and recorded by 重低陰 String, piano & addtional programming by 蝦碌小姐 Drum programming by 力高 Arrangment mixed by 重低陰 Backing vocals arranged by 針針, performed by 涼震驚, 池日嵐, G大調, 晨早講早晨, 針針, 小測 Vocals recorded by G大調, mixed by 重低陰 監製:G大調、重低陰、蝦碌小姐 統籌:G大調 特別鳴謝:Cuson Lo 歌詞: 涼震驚:重溫 舊時 泛起許多的片段 思歪娘:像地鐵和電 盈滿卻加價錢 有加不減 發癲 池日嵐:曾試過創業時 物價上漲未停止 G大調:縱有腦出奇謀 難敵領匯 而店舖迫遷 涼震驚+G大調:Who's killing our dreams 人人在夢想 安居置業 樓價貴像痴了線 未來 怎去結婚 貧賤變哀 思歪娘+池日嵐:Who's killing our dreams 求有個飯碗 三餐有得開 過去有多難忘 十五載令我感 又慨 維他命Z:貧富差距甚殊 靠官商掛勾寫故事 談美異酷:利用各權力 遊艇也貪到時 是那貪曾 無恥 晨早講早晨:生活照樣五十年 未兌現 但竭力塗脂 哥斯拉:兩制告急存亡 權利已漸喪失 沒了 Woo.. 維他命Z+哥斯拉:Who's killing our dreams 人人在白色 的恐怖內 如兩制被一制化 自由 失去太多 沉默致哀 晨早講早晨+談美異酷:Who's killing our dreams 強國價值觀 衝擊這香江 過去有多難忘 十五載就似釘 下蓋 Oh No 維他命Z:豺狼未到上場時 力撐禿鷹決斷打壓 夠狠 G大調:豺狼就快上場時 誰會一起抗拒 合唱:趁佢就任上街 未怕拉 回顧昨日劫難 誰會捍衛香港肯企硬 如懶理就給赤化 自由不會折返 Oh No Defending our dreams Dreams come true 憑弔過六四 七一更精彩 兩腳撐起遊行 面對風雨永不 倦怠 涼震驚:以腳踢走豺狼 Defending our dreams 哥斯拉:回歸 現時 用腳步 令錯誤停止 約了各位前來 十五載在這天 遇見 Theme song for the 15th anniversary of HK's handover -《Hong Kong People's Unforgettable Moments》(lyrics rewritten) A cover of《難忘時刻》by Universal Music, Lyrics rewritten by Sankala Performed by Various Artists Translated by Peter Au Lyrics translation: Recall past time, lots of memories surface Say, the subway and the utilities, rates increase despite huge corporate profit Always rate hikes, crazy. When being an entrepreneur, inflation has never stopped Despite with brilliant ideas, small business is eradicated by the Link Who's killing our dreams, everyone dreams to start a family with a condo Property price is prohibitively expensive, no hope for marriage, our future is dim Who's killing our dreams, we need a job to pay our meals With a history of unforgettable pain, fifteen years of suffering torture us too much HK wealth disparity becomes number one due to crony capitalism Abusing all to enjoy free cruises Donald Tsang, shame on you. The promise of maintaining status quo for 50 years is not honored, but China denied Two systems promise is eroding, rights are deprived, woo... Who's killing our dream, Hong Kong is in the white terror We pay a respect to freedom who is deprived by the Communist Party Who's killing our dreams, the communist values are brainwashing Hong Kong The unforgettable pain is like laying the last nail in the coffin Before being handpicked, C. Y. Leung supported the Police Chief To brutally infringe human rights Who will give him a hard blow when he is appointed We take a "walk" on the ceremony day without fear. Reviewing our tragedy, who will defend the core values of Hong Kong Inaction encourages the Communist to rule us, by then our Freedom be gone, oh no. Defending our dreams Dreams come true Leveraging on June 4 anger, 7.1 protests have infinite energy We defend our land with our feet, regardless of bad weather and exhaustion We kick C. Y. Leung butt, defending our dreams Stop policy failure with our feet on July 1. We reunion and say no to C. Y. Leung on July 1, the so-called 15 anniversary.