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这是我第一首的制作成品,愿在天国的爸爸,能听见。。。 爸,父亲节快乐。。。 如果还来得及,请记得回家看看你的家人。。。 莫待,树欲静而风不止,子欲养而亲不在。。。祝天下的爸爸,父亲节快乐。。。 This is the first song produced by myself,wishfully,dad in the heaven could hear it。。。 Dad,happy father's day。。。 If it's not too late,please remember spending time with your family。。。 Happy Father's Day to all fathers。。。 ~【寻香】。【Gandharva】~ 门缝渗透着光 A ray of light shines through the crack in the door 一道微光坠心房 The drop of golden sun is permeating my heart 睡吧继续睡吧 睡意正香 "Quickly sleep son, quickly sleep, and... have a sweet dream" 人生如梦一场 Life is like a dream 虚无缥缈又无常 It's full of illusory and uncertainty 兜转不停兜转 年华寸断 It goes round and round, round and round, And time has just gone by and wasted 每个人在逃亡 Everyone is fugitive 逃避世俗的目光 Is escaping from vulgar eyes and unfounded rumors 挣扎几度挣扎 挣脱宿命捆绑 Struggle, struggle and struggle To break away the shackles of fate, to fight for your own fate 命运偷谁的光 Destiny is stealing whose thunder? 投射在谁的泪光 And is building the happiness at whose expense? 流吧尽情流吧 流入海洋 Let it cry, let it cry, please cry me an ocean 和风送来一缕香 The soft breeze gently sends some lovely smell 温馨哄我入梦乡 Warmly coaxing me go to sleep 催我循着过往 追踪熟悉芬芳 In the dream, Ask me following the familiar redolence and seeking for my root 馨香指引我回家 That's the smell, the home redolence that brings me home 狂风驱不走荒凉 The roaring wind couldn't sway away the desolate 令人陷入了迷惘 Instead, it makes people even more perplexed and loss 我会焚香眺望 未知数的前方 I'll pray and look forward for the unknown future 乘着风泪别过往 Let the sorrow ride with the wind and vanish in the past 数年前写的一篇博文, "吸一口气, 闭上眼睛, 用你的心去感受周遭, 你会发觉, 你拥有的比你想象中的还要更多。 因为。。。爱情, 友情, 亲情。。。皆无价! 珍惜你身边的人吧。。。别抱憾终生才后悔莫及!"!/notes/chai-%E8%94%A1%E6%AD%A3%E9%9B%84/%E4%B8%80%E5%B0%81%E5%86%99%E7%BB%99%E5%A4%A9%E5%9B%BD%E7%9A%84%E4%BF%A1/129548050467851 A blog that I wrote a few years ago, "Take a moment,close your eyes & use your heart to feel the world。 You'll realize that you have more than what you see。 Why??? It's because。。。the love of families,and the love of friends are all priceless! So stop taking things for granted!Cherish the people surrounding you! Live for the moment,you'll never look back and you'll never regret!"!/notes/chai-%E8%94%A1%E6%AD%A3%E9%9B%84/a-letter-for-the-heaven-/129546790467977