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[X-Men] In memory of Charles Xavier

4y ago


HD!! Good lord I hate thinking of titles for vids lol Fandom: mostly X-Men First Class, bit of X2 and X3 Characters: mainly Charles, but Erik snuck in quite a bit lol Song: A combo of "Mutant" ('I can't feel my legs' scene) and "Rage and Serenity" from the XMFC OST. Spoilers: All X-Men movies Summary: A memoir of sorts for Charles Xavier who "died" in X3 although it's a bit AU since he came back in a different body after the credits. Based on Storm's eulogy in X3. NO SPECIAL EFFECTS ALLOWED!!! :O My entry for Brooke's Hit Me With Your Best Shot contest. I used a lot of quotes, if any of them need to be transcribed let me know. HONOURS #77 -- Most Discussed (Today) -- Film & Animation -- Canada #13 -- Top Favorited (Today) -- Film & Animation -- Canada #91 -- Top Favorited (This Week) -- Film & Animation -- Canada #18 -- Top Rated (Today) -- Film & Animation -- Canada TUMBLR: BACKUP: