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Wroxer Indiegogo

2y ago


MMA and Pro Wrestling Meets Superheroes! If you're a fan of MMA, Pro Wrestling, and Superheroes then you'll love Wroxer! Wroxer is an animated series currently in development and we need your help. Over the past year, we've developed a set of cool characters and a great story, and now we're ready to bring everything to life in the form of a 4 minute animated short. Created by a team including Executive Producer @yetiboomfilms, who has produced for WWE and TNA Impact Wrestling over the past 10 years, Wroxer has blended the philosophy of MMA with the entertainment value of Professional Wrestling to bring you an action packed new concept. With the support of the Pro Wrestling community including Olympic Gold Medallist and multi time world champion Kurt Angle, Wroxer is about to explode onto the Professional Wrestling scene! Our goal is to raise $15,000 which will fund an action packed, four minute animated short which will be used to pitch Wroxer as an animated series to a network, or other distribution avenue. To thank you for your donation, we have created several cool gifts to match your level of donation, including Wroxer swag autographed by Kurt Angle! All funds raised will go towards further Wroxer development. Help make Wroxer a reality by spreading the word through Twitter, Facebook, and other online avenues. We want to hear from you! Tweet us @WROXER and visit us at to let us know your thoughts on the Wroxer animated series!