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4y ago


TWITTER - @Jas5ii TWITTER - @WriteMake FACEBOOK - After suffering a writer's block lately, I decided to try and make a project to help kill some time. The Poem I wrote... My life revolves around words and stories, I hear them, see them and read them, It involves inciting incidents and dramatic situations, All being tweaked to create something different. Lately everything has changed, Coming Home I would always bring, A bunch of words all combined, Redefined from my daily life. Whatever I see, Whatever I hear, It starts off a writing spree, To help my steer. It may seem boring, It may be time consuming, But writing is exciting, Inviting life to go on exploring. Anything and everything, Moments and feelings, Words come from everywhere, No matter at whatever i stare. But as you can see, my paper is still blank, Just like how my mind has lost track, Struggling to even picture the words, let alone writing it, All I see is pitch black. Sounds and pictures, That's where most of the words are found, Bound to be a mixture, Of different genres. It feels like my mind has forgotten what I saw, But the vision is still there all clear, Even with the vision, I can't draw, To show what I have in mind to premiere. I move around to see what works best for me, By putting pen to paper to write down, But my hand doesn't even move, Causing unease and distress. Todays journey was action packed, But yet in front of my writing pad, Feels like my mid has cracked, Despite knowing what I want, words just lack. Time is flying, I'm still trying, Hours are gone, moments have passed. I still attempt to write, But the clock tick tocks and counts on. All the effort of attempts, My eyes begin to shut and make my mind hibernate. Knowing this would only delay time even more, I knew it would help me rest it off. First thing to transpire is a nightmare, Being blocked up behind 4 walls. Nothing coming and nothing going out, A nudging experience, a frightening vision. A motive to help break down the... WRITER'S BLOCK