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white man

white man

WRATH OF VESUVIUS - "Aftermath" w/ Lyrics

4y ago


*I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG NOR INTEND TO TAKE CREDIT FOR IT* Track 4 on "Portals Through Ophichlus". Lyrics: Another dim day pacing through the catacombs of the so called world The only thing that remains is the crows that hover the streets The world was once warned as the man spilled out the future An image's principles that could have had prevention The existence of life is buried in soot... Your soul is released into a stellar gaze nebula of nothing Racing through until God engulfs the world The holy one will sure come for you at the brink of revelation He'll evolve into a Giant of Fire and ignite everything He will burn the world He will ignite everything He drowned the world It's just like the flood I've found the missing piece to the puzzle of life and man, the key to the hidden doctrines; the Apocalypse revealed The Apocalypse revealed Planet Earth: the human race stood oblivious to this all A secret has unfolded... The old luminous white man will shine for years, and years but eventually flicker out as light years pass him by Fade into a fallen star amongst other realms A replicate of the moon after his game of destruction The answer was engraved in the Holy scriptures, accustomed and symbolized to everyday life... He will burn the world Incineration upon all He will burn the world It's just like the flood NOW INTO THE FLOOD! Nomadic space voyagers from the great beyond sent from higher grounds, foreign means To discover a long lost desolate Earth...