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the common

the common

Would You Date a Robot? - the Common Room!

4y ago


Sex with a robot? Maybe even a long term relationship with a robot? Is this just futuristic speculation, or something that might actually come true? The Common Room is back in this, the conclusion, taking a long hard look human/robot relations. What do you think? If robots eventually become realistic enough to date and have sex with, would you partake? Do you think others would? How might this affect "normal" relationships? What would the advantages be? The disadvantages? Let us know what you think in the comments below! We'd like to thank Kim Horcher, Brett Erlich, and Alex Sanborn for joining us! If you have a topic you want to see discussed on the Common Room, leave a message down below or tweet us! Subscribe to TYT University for more Common Room: Follow us on twitter! TAGS: "caprica 6" "number 6" "7 of 9" "seven of nine" "boomer" "grace park" "jeri ryan" robot android voltron "small wonder" "artificial intelligence" girl woman doll japanese japan robotics "the common room" "the young turks" "tyt university" "brett erlich"