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we danced

we danced

Worship at Relentless 2012!

4y ago


We spent over 4hours with God on Friday 03/08/2012, listening to spoken word, preaching and teaching, worshiping, a long time spent in prayer asking God to speak to us and to fill us, and then laying hands on and praying over those who wanted to be prayed for. After all the completely amazing things God had done that night, and the days before that, we just HAD to celebrate and thank him! So the lights were turned down and we danced, celebrated and worshiped Jesus with the little energy we had left. Relentless Youth Camp 2012! There is NO limits to what God can do! Thankyou Jesus! "Dance, dance Let the Spirit move you Dance, dance Holy Spirit in You Turned my mourning into dancing My heart is overjoyed I will praise You You healed my body and You made me new My heart is overjoyed I will dance for You Gave me love that broke down fear My heart is full of joy, I will sing to You My heart overjoyed, I will praise I will dance, I will sing for You" ps... sorry it's a bit shaky, I couldn't help but dance too!