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the machines

the machines

Worsel Strauss - Swarm Intelligence

4y ago


From the album "Unattention Economy" VICMOD RECORDS VMDL16 From the liner notes of the album: "In a psychological sense, the act of taking control could be considered a response to fear. Human beings have different responses to fear, amongst them aggression, escape, withdrawal into isolation, and the exertion of control. Giving up control seems as difficult as taking control of things, while losing control typically is not desired. With a minimum of control, indeed sometimes the results that a musically untrained person is able to achieve with electronic equipment can be amazing. Sadly one of the preconceptions the electronic musician is quite often faced with is the notion that there is not necessarily a creative process involved when making electronic music. To the unknowledgeable, all it seems to take to generate meaningful musical results is to turn on the equipment. This work is an attempt in just doing that: turning on the equipment and giving in to the machines. Set some rules, turn off the piano rolls, stay away from human intervention and give up control. There is no claim that the rather minimalistic results achieved here are musically meaningful. Chances are, this cannot even be called music. If there is a creative process involved at all it is the design of the rules and the final choice of which results to present, and which ones not."