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Worlds Turn [Intro]

1y ago


So basically, this is a story me and my friend Megan made. Hope you like it =) Olivia's POV: I blasted music through my ear-buds to drown out the world. Looking out the plane window, I saw Boston, MA, my hometown. Remembering my mom's blank expression when I told her I was going to live with my dad, a tear rolled down my cheek. Then memories of what had happened the past two weeks. FLASHBACK: *1 month ago* My mom stumbled into the house dazed, and my dad stood up from watching football. He ran to her and grabbed her shoulders to see if she was okay. Dad led her up the stairs carefully and into the bedroom to make sure she was okay. Worriedly, I rose from the computer and followed them upstairs. When I reached their bedroom, I heard my dad yelling. "How could you do this? In front of our own daughter! What's gotten into you?" He yelled furiously. I heard my mom mumble something. It didn't sound like her. After a few minutes of eavesdropping, my dad walked out of the room rubbing his forehead. "What's wrong with mom?" I asked curiously. My dad faltered, "She had a rough day." Then what had happened to her hit me like a brick. "Is mom drunk?" Dad sighed, "Yes..." Frustration bubbled inside me. When did she start drinking alcohol? A couple of years ago she had told me that she had never even had even one sip of an alcoholic beverage. I stood there, speechless as my dad kept his head down. *A week later (Still in flashback)* Still, my mom had not stopped drinking. My dad was getting more and more aggravated. Today, my mom came home at lunch time, drunk (shocker). She was coming home earlier every day. We were sitting at the table, my dad stood up in anger. "I've had enough of this reckless behavior! Kayla, talk to me in the other room!" he exclaimed. Mom stumbled after him into the living room. Restlessly, I sat there waiting for them to come back, hopefully happy. I heard yelling... Oh great... This can't end well. After about 10 minutes of quarrelling, my mom walked back in with the blank expression on her face that she's had since she became an alcoholic. My dad stomped upstairs. "What's going on?" I ask her, not really expecting a straight out answer. She mumbled something and only could make out one word; Leaving. "WHAT?" I shouted. Knowing I wasn't going to get an explanation from her, I ran upstairs to my dad. I burst into his room. "Please tell me it's not true.... You're not leaving are you?" I asked as I noticed his suitcase. My dad looked down in dismay. Tears streaked down my red cheeks. "I'm sorry-" he started, but I just ran out of the room. I heard footsteps behind me. "Livy, you're coming too. In three weeks so I can get a house and move in." "No, we can't! What about Cody?" I cried. I couldn't just leave my boyfriend. "I'm sorry, honey... But he'll understand..." I had nothing left to say. Obviously I couldn't win this fight, and all I could do was cry. How was I gonna tell Cody? It was now or never, I guess. Still balling my eyes out, I ran down the stairs, out the door, and to Cody's house. Luckily, he lived in my neighborhood. When I got there, I knocked. He answered and smiled, but it turned into a frown when he saw my tears. "What's wrong? Come inside and sit down," he said. I nodded and walked inside. "My... My dad... He... He said we- we're leaving..." I say between sobs. "For, like, vacation?" he asked, trying to convince himself. I shook my head. "Forever..." I said. "Why?" he asked. I took a deep breath and explained the whole story. END OF FLASHBACK I'm NOT going to be posting this on my YouTube. Megan and I will be posting it to Wattpad. Here's the link: Stay updated! And if you don't read it, then you're not cool. K bye =) Love ya