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World Exclusive: Amazing Spider-Man Trailer! - Up at Noon

4y ago


Today on Up at Noon, we debut a brand new E3 trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man video game! We're talking a real trailer here...not one of our lame jokes. Brian Altano also recaps the E3 press conferences before they actually happen, Mike Drucker shares his disturbing Spidey fan-fiction, and Yoshinori Ono shares more insight into the Street Fighter universe. And if a new Spidey trailer isn't enough Web-head-y goodness for you, Greg also talks to Amazing Spider-man developer, Doug Heder, about the challenges of movie games, and Spider-Man himself swings on by for a quick visit (that IS one of our lame jokes). Also in the show, High Moon Studio's Matt Tieger stops by to talk about Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron. He presents some new footage that you might have already seen by now (but it was totally new to us at the time). Plus, jokes about Microsoft Points, aliens, Texas, and bees.