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The Word is Flat - Global Art Forum_6

2y ago


Newly expanded to six days for 2012, the Global Art Forum_6 was presented by Art Dubai in partnership with Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, and supported by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority. Entitled 'The Medium of Media', the Global Art Forum_6 examined the double meaning of the term 'media', both within the art world and referring to the world of publishing and reportage. THE WORD IS FLAT Conversation Having studied sculpture in the early 80s, novelist Douglas Coupland was drawn into writing by the text-works of artists Andy Warhol and Jenny Holzer. After a decade of writing best-selling books like Generation X, Microserfs and JPod, Coupland returned to making art—in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and dizzying colours. Here, with Serpentine Gallery Co-director of Exhibitions and Programmes and Director of International Programmes Hans Ulrich Obrist and Shumon Basar, Coupland discusses words, images and what it means to be 'post-media' today.