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communist china

Word "CCP" Banned on Internet in Communist China?

4y ago


Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: Fighting has intensified ahead of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 18th National Congress Committee. More words have been blocked by the Central Propaganda Department which is controlled by the blood-debt faction. Internet searches for June 4 incident are now impossible. Now the "Nine CCP Standing Committee", and the words "Communist" and "CCP" are also banned. Comments suggest the CCP infighting battle has now been caught in a dead end. Only if Hu and Wen get rid of all the burdens of the sins of the CCP can they find a way out. The CCP's censorship of microblog keywords is growing more outrageous. Prohibited words not only include "Zhou Yongkang", but also the "Nine CCP Standing Committee", "Communist" and "the CCP" itself have been blocked. The Chinese regime closing off the network has resulted in the words of the CCP, the Communist Party, also becoming sensitive words. Freelance writer Jing Chu: "So the typical Communist system can only achieve the deception of the people. It can only achieve terror and blackmail of the people, this is how the CCP survives. Once the CCP needs to face the modern society, democratization, pluralism and ideological openness, the CCP could not live even one day." Li Changchun, from Sichuan Province, was recently elected as a Politburo Standing Committee member. Li Changchun is considered the driving force behind the "ban network", and one of the representatives of the blood-debt faction. In order to control public opinion and the voice of opposition, the CCP has established hundreds of thousands of Internet police. Hundreds of free speech internet users had been charged. After the Chongqing's Bo and Wang case, microblog comments were shut down for three days to rectify the issue. The Central Propaganda Department also established party branches in the Sina microblog, Tencent as well as other media. The personal information of microblog users is directly under the administration of the Public Security of the CCP. However, the Central Propaganda Department publicly stated that it is difficult to control microblogs in China. New laws are coming. Huang Qi, Chief of Tiananmen Skynet:"Now is the internet era. Not the era of the official mouthpiece, like the 60's and 70's were there was only one tone in China. Now, there are microblogs, Tweeters, Facebook, and a variety of other networks. This has caused the authorities controlling public opinion to face more and more difficulty." As the arrival of the 23 anniversary of June 4, "8X8" is also blocked. Internet users now use "May 34th" as synonymous with the eve of June 4th. British "Financial Times" reported that Premier Wen Jiabao had mentioned for the vindication of the pro-democracy movement in 1989. This was happened three times in recent years, while in CCP leadership meetings, the last being in March 2012. There is speculation that the CCP leadership might be "vindicating June 4". Freelance writer Jing Chu: "Hu Jingtao, Wen Jiabao, and Xi Jinping; whether they have the kind of courage to "go with life and death" for the sake of their people, and abandon Communism. Otherwise, if they still like to maintain the Communist Party this sinking ship, and go with it; I think they are unwise. It's stupid! If they don't make the right moves for political and social stability, it will give the Chinese nation an unprecedented disaster." Jing Chu considered if Hu and Wen respond to public opinion to create a smooth time for change. If they abandon the burden of the Chinese Communist misdeeds, with many evil debts, you can bring a glimmer of hope for the Chinese n 《神韵》2011世界巡演新亮点