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Woman set on fire recovering

1y ago


BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - The woman who was burned in a fiery attack at a Boynton Beach convenience store Monday is out of the hospital recovering from second and third-degree burns. Naomie Breton, 33, said it's difficult to believe the woman seen on surveillance video, in flames, is her. "All I saw was that I was on fire. That's when I was screaming and I was trying to pat myself to the point that the only way I saw to keep myself alive was to take off my shirt," Breton said. Quick Clicks Woman to 911: He set me on fire 911 Calls: Woman set on fire More 911 Calls: Woman set on fire Police: Man sets woman on fire, chases... Surveillance video: Woman set on fire... Read probable cause affidavit here Breton wears bandages on both arms, her right shoulder, her chest and stomach. Her face is peeling as it heals from the burns. The attack happened on Monday at the 7-11 convenience store and gas station at 7044 Lawrence Road in Boynton Beach. Breton planned to meet with ex-boyfriend Roosevelt Mondesir in the parking lot so he could drop off the 4-year-old son the couple has together. She soon would learn the awful truth: police said Mondesir left the boy at home, and brought a machete and a gas can instead. "He gets out of the car. He has the knife in his hand. And, he takes out the gallon of gasoline and just starts pouring it on my car. And he starts dousing it all at me, all on my face. And he starts chasing -- he comes around the car and starts chasing me," Breton said. She tried to call for help. "And then all of the sudden he took out the lighter and struck it," she said. Records show Breton filed a domestic violence injunction against Mondesir in Palm Beach County court May 29th but it was dismissed. Breton said he had threatened her with text messages. She never thought he would go as far as lighting her on fire. Breton is now recovering at home. She said her children are with her family and are the inspiration for her to keep calm and strong.