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public relations

public relations


4y ago


Under the general title "Greek Contemporary Creativity in a Historical Context" a series of cultural events takes off at the Athens University History Museum on 5.6.2012. DRYOS TOPOI presented the DANCE THEATRE PERFORMANCE "WOMAN PROMETHEUS" inspired by ancient and modern Greek poetry. Theatre Composition - Direction: Anna Lazou. Musical Composition: Marielli Sfakianaki & Ancient Orchesis Study Group Choreography: Fifica Nikolopoulou. Costumes: Mary Triantafyllou -- Butoh: Mateusz Iwulski. Music Teaching: Alexandra Tsouki. Music editing and Arranging: Kostas Karamperopoulos. Music and Rhythmic Accompaniment: Andreas Koutsourelis. Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls: Dimitris Papanastasiou. Technical Support: Youth Cultural Initiative-- YOU.C.I. and University Club -- Department of Public Relations Acting: Svetlana Volkova, Thanos Zotos, Afroditi Yianniou, Lilly Karadima, Andy Karaoulis (voice), Olga Papachrysostomou, Fifica Nikolopoulou, Matina Skourti, Vana Touloupaki, Eleni Touloupaki, Sophia Tsiknia, Michalis Chatiris. ---------------------------- Next ECOSTUDENT EVENT: At 29 August 2012, History Museum of Athens University: 6.00: WORKSHOP: CORPOREAL SPEECH - PROSODY: INTRODUCTION TO ANCIENT DRAMA 8.30: NOW AND EVER: DANCE THEATRE with DRYOS TOPOI 9.00: 'ARIAGNE' with ANCIENT ORCHESIS STUDY GROUP 10.00: MUSIC GROUPS (to be specified)