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the academy

the academy

Wizschool - Ancient book of Magic - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer

3y ago


Wizschool - Ancient book of Magic by Owloh Join the Elandry academy to master the art of creating magic potions. Test your skills against a wide cast of characters to save the land! Wizschool is a puzzle-RPG with three different game modes and 7 chapters of story offering hours of entertainment. Evolve your character as you fight to unravel the mysterious events happening inside the academy. Expanding on a solid and proven gameplay, Wizschool is backed by exceptional graphics, music and sound effects that will make your iOS devices shine. FEATURES: ★ Battle against the computer AI. ★ A huge world to explore with 16 different locations. ★ 18 characters to discover, each with its own personality and AI. ★ High-definition graphics. ★ 15 high-quality soundtracks, 12 ambiances. ★ More than 50 cinematic scenes to develop the story. ★ Unlock the immortal game mode for the ultimate challenge. ★ Challenge players from the entire world. Wizschool - Ancient book of Magic Support What's New in Version 1.0.5 Hello fellow magicians! We listened very carefully to your feedback and addressed the issues you brought to our attention. Repelling evil from Gaia should be even more fun now! ★ New option to turn move suggestion off. ★ New option to select a different difficulty setting. ★ New Casual difficulty for the story mode to disable the time limit. ★ Improved game tutorials. ★ Fix a gameplay bug with block multipliers. ★ Fix typos and spelling errors. ★ Cutscenes can be paused. As well as several other technical bug fixes. iTunes Store Page: Homepage: