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day after

day after

"Within the Child...Andrea's Peace"

4y ago


"Within the Child...Andrea's Peace" was written by Max and Sam Shuhan for the 2012 Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School of Ithaca graduation ceremony on June 20th. The lyrics come from a Native American Peace Chant that the school's founder and director, Andrea Riddle, had incorporated into the school's curriculum and was one of her favorite songs. Max dedicated the performance to everyone at the school who had made his experience there so special, including Ms. Riddle, who had just a year before been diagnosed with lung cancer. This recording was made the day after the graduation ceremony so that it could be shared with Ms. Riddle in her home. She passed away peacefully in her sleep just two days later. Here's a link to her obituary and remarkable life story which appeared in the Ithaca Journal: "we have come to shine our light in the darkness of the night each of us is one small flame but together we're a blaze go away sickness and despair go away and stay away" "within the child lies the fate of our future" -- Maria Montessori Within our future lives the memory of Andrea Riddle.