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charles trippy

charles trippy

Wish We Were There! @ VidCon 2012

1y ago


A special hello from some people that couldn't make it to VidCon 2012! You might recognize some of the faces. Special thanks to Ethan Newberry for hosting the video which aired on the Mainstage of VidCon Saturday morning as well as everyone that could participate in the video. Follow and Subscribe to everyone in the links below! Follow VidCon at Ethan Newberry YouTube: Twitter: Alex Day YouTube: Twitter: Charles Trippy YouTube: Twitter: Josh Sundquist YouTube: Twitter: Amy Poehler YouTube: Twitter: Steam Powered Giraffe YouTube: Twitter: Stan Lee YouTube: Twitter: This video was produced by Stuart Davis with the help of Jenni Powell, Ethan Newberry, Jason Raswant, Juli Hapney, Andrew Seely and Jojo Dodd. They can be found on the Twitter's here: Stuart Davis Jenni Powell Jason Raswant Andrew Seely Jojo Dodd