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A wisdom in troubled times..for boys only:)

4y ago


ziad rahbani is a lebanese icon to the war generation in my country, son of a legendary musician couple, his mother is known as Fairouze, a diva in the eyes of many. In this song Ziad is having a conversation with his girl friend while in a public place most likely in a restaurant, he is asking her to sit properly and stop attracting attention to here by covering her charming attributes:)..The girl stands firm telling Ziad that she is free to sit and act the way she Ziad tells her that someone suspicious is looking at them and that he doesn't look friendly..after a while the man comes and grabs Ziad, the suspicious man was not looking at the beauty girl Ziad was having lunch with, but instead he was a secret agent (moukhabarat) keeping an eye on him waiting to arrest him:)..When the Girl sees Ziad being taken away she's asked if she was with him and she replies innocently "no no I don't know the guy":) La morale de l'Histoire: women must not be your main concern guys..especially in troubled times:)