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afghan war

afghan war

Wings of the Red Star: Mi-24 Hind! VERY RARE EPISODE! 1998

2y ago


PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEO! - The first episodes of Discovery Channel "Wings of the Red Star" were produced with close co-operation with Russian sources and were narrated by Sir Peter Ustinov. And they were great... as you probably saw them already in my video list. - However, later episodes (SU-25 and Mi-24) are full of propaganda. A lot of information in these 1 hour episodes is unrelated to development and performance of these machines. And they exchange a lot of time in describing wars and atrocities conducted by "evil communist state", which has nothing to do with technology and history of the equipment they made dedicated documentary for... They (Discovery) display "brave" mujahendeen and how they fought against "Evil Empire" with help of the USA. Discovery shows bloody scenes, killed bodies, civilians with amputated legs and arms. Discovery Channel even shows raw footage of execution of Soviet POW by Talibans. Why do they show such ugly stuff in documentary where they should speak about technology behind flying vehicles? Why? Because sex and violence sells and New Discovery Channel doesn't care about anything else. - 13 years later, the USA invades in Afghanistan and starts new Afghan War, the War on Terror. They fight their old friends mujahedeens, who now is called Talibans terrorists. Discovery channel doesn't make documentary about Apache helicopters including deaths of civilians and raw video materials of killed US soldiers... of course... it would be shocking for "sensitive" American society! But showing execution of Soviet soldiers was ok just couple of years ago, right? Double faced, double standards... - That's why I edited the original video. I erased everything what was totally irrelevant to the helicopter itself, everything I considered as pure propaganda. I left a background of Afghan war, parallels made with Vietnam war, history and role of Mi-24 Hinds in that war, its technical specs, and of course review of US helicopter pilots, who fly Mi-24s in OPFOR exercises. I hope you agree with me and will enjoy this episode as it should to be, without poison of Cold War like propaganda bullshits! Otherwise you always can find and watch the original episode of Discovery Channel Wings. - Peace to your home!