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Action Figures - Wingnut & Screwloose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Toy Review

4y ago


COMEDY CHANNEL - Please Like, Share, & Subscribe!! Dingbat Buddies who Bite the Baddies Wingnut, the clutzy, caped vampire bat, quietly hung out on his home planet, Huanu. That is, until Krang destroyed it. Saved and sucked into a vortex before his planet exploded, Wingnut ended up on Earth, along with Screwloose, a levelheaded Huanu mosquito. Furious and frantic that Krang obliterated his planet, the crazed Wingnut's out to get even with Krang-or anyone else associated with the burbling brain. That makes him a perfect ally with the Turtle Teens. Despite Wingnut's bloodshot eyes, defective radar, stunted wings and over-sensitive ears, he's determined to be a sewer-superhero. Even with constant training from our green Teens, Wingnut's more likely to bump into a building than bust a baddie. Armed with mechanical turbo wings invented by Donatello, Wingnut flutters and putters to put the bite on the Foot Clan. Accessories Screwloose, the Mosquito Bat Gun Plasma-propelled Bat Wings Blood-bustin' Bat Bomb Utility Bat Belt TrannyGamer is a Gaming / Action Figure channel hosted by comedian Louie "Lulu" Barra / Jessica "Who" De Leon LINKS - SEND ME COOL STUFF AT: Polar Barra Productions P.O. Box 140216 Gainesville, FL 32614-2851 Filmed with Edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11.0 MUSIC by Kevin MacLeod -