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closing ceremony

closing ceremony

Windy City Cowboys at the 2012 Chicago Pride Parade

4y ago


Windy City Cowboys ~ The Cowboys were founded in January 2008, as Miller was inspired by the D.C. Cowboys' performance at the closing ceremony of the 2006 Gay Games at Wrigley Field. He thought a similar group would be a great addition to the line up of gay performance groups in Chicago—so he started the search for fellow entertaining Cowboys. "The main goals of the group are to entertain audiences at, and keep them coming to, gay functions, including pride parades, rodeos, street festivals and fund-raising events, such as the AIDS Walk," Copple said. "We are not associated with any specific charity, and that is not our mission or goal. We have, however, donated to a few charities after we have held fundraisers for the group over the last two years. The Cowboys is mostly self-funded by its members, who pay dues for the season. Those dues pay for our rehearsal space, the truck and sound system rentals for parades, etc." ~