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Win a Free Ticket to the Empower Network Event in Atlanta!

4y ago

Description Join today and win a free ticket! Learn more about the Empower Network here My blog "Win a Free Ticket to the Empower Network Even in Atlanta!" We are having our first ever Empower Network event next week (June 8-10th) in Atlanta, Ga. I'm so excited... Over the last 6 months since the Empower Network launched, an incredible community has been formed... a community full of leaders and newbies alike who have come together with a unified vision: to succeed online beyond anything they've ever achieved before. The game has changed COMPLETELY, thanks to the birth of the Empower Network. Thanks to the amazing leadership (and marketing expertise) of Empower Network founders David Wood and David Sharpe... we've seen an incredible success rate here. And now we are coming together for the Empower Network launch event next week in Atlanta (for Empower Network members only), where we will not be pitched anything (like the usual pitch-fest type events), but we will be given the training and the roadmap required to take all of our businesses to the next level and beyond over the next several months. If you are someone who is finally ready to succeed beyond any level of success you've seen to date, join us in Atlanta. In this video, I explain how you can get a free ticket (they're selling now for $247) simply by joining my team today... but you need to act fast! Join my Empower Network team today (basic membership and Inner Circle) and then email me at to let me know you're in and that you want to come to Atlanta. The first one to do that will get their ticket for free!