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juan carlos ferrero

juan carlos ferrero

Wimbledon 2012 - Novak Djokovic Gets Out Golf Club Insted Of Tennis Racket

2y ago


Novak Djokovic was caught sharing a joke with the Centre Court crowd before his first-round thrashing of Juan Carlos Ferrero at Wimbledon on Monday - pretending to have brought his golf clubs on court by mistake. Djokovic couldn't resist getting the golf club out of his tennis bag, which is propped upright by golf stands, before his first round match against Ferrero The current world number one claimed it was an in joke with his sponsors, who designed his bag so it stands upright just as a golf bag does. 'It was a little joke we wanted to do with my sponsors,' said Djokovic. 'All the players have tennis bags which look like golf ones because of the way they stand. 'So they provided me with a junior club but as soon as I got it out the fans corrected me. A couple said, "This is not a golf course". 'I had a laugh about it.' As soon as the prank was done, Djokovic focused his full attention on the game - brushing aside a poor Ferrero to avoid any embarrassment in the first round of his championship defence. The Serb eased past the former world number one in straight sets, 6-3 6-3 6-1. If you like this video please subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this. Also when you click 'Like' please share on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks