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man u

man u

Willie B. - Groovy Sounds[Prod. by CTRU] Ft. JL

1y ago


Download it FREE here: Follow us on twitter: @JL757 @CTRU3 For Latest Music Downloads: JL Lyrics: Man u kno my steeze I'm not really in a party mood Listen I jus wanna smoke my weed Cuz Big Peter jus started to barbecue Cuz the summer is comin or it's starting to And the weather is heavenly at the start of June The dudes start showin off their party shoes And the Girls where less clothing articles/ Now it's Lodi dodi with all these hotties They bodies hard as rock but they bottoms soft and They body poppin and locked while I'm jus watchin Foreal..I'm jus tryna keep my jaw from droppin And I'm all for playin some beer pong Til everyone up in here's gone To a better year is what we cheers on and to the dreams that we chase after Take a shot then a chase after