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William H Taft (1857-1930) and Robert A Taft (1889-1953)

4y ago


1920's: auto drives by William Howard Taft home in Washington D.C., front view of home, the Taft family at home, ex-president Taft on right wearing straw hat, Taft holding child on his lap. Taft playing golf. 1929: Taft swearing in Herbert Hoover as President of United States. 1938: Robert Taft and his mother, the widow of William Howard Taft, walk up steps in Washington as Taft arrives from Ohio to become Senator, CU Mrs. William Howard Taft, Mrs. Taft and son Robert, interior shot of men cleaning as they prepare for 76th congress, chandelier, men with books, CU new Senator Taft as he turns to his left, then removes hat. 1952: CU Robert Taft, leading candidate for Republican presidential nomination, sign: National Republican Club, Photographers, Taft shaking hands of New Jersey delegates, Taft answering questions, CU Taft, crowd, Optical, at Columbia University, also in New York City, Dwight Eisenhower, the other leading candidate for the nomination meets the same New Jersey delegates, CU Ike waving. Chicago, Republican National Convention, photographers, Taft walking, photogs (sound), Taft speaks. Cu William Howard Taft, CU Mrs. William Howard Taft, CU Robert Taft who died in 1953.