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William Fitzsimmons - Let You Break (featuring Julia Stone)

4y ago


Gold in the Shadow is the fifth full length LP from Fitzsimmons, and with each release, his fan base is growing in number and range. Album opener and lead singer Tide Pulls From The Moon was the ideal concoction to lift my drowsy spirits, smoothly delivered vocals, complete with it's yearningly addictive chorus, make for a fantastically mesmerizing listen. Fitzsimmons' has one of those voices that melts your heart immediately; seductive, understanding and reassuringly comforting. There's touches of Nick Drake in the cautious songwriting, majestic yet simplistic and enticing in sound. Beautiful Girl is a stunning ode to a angelically described woman, seemingly engulfed in the trauma of a depressive illness; "Unfurl your gown, a distant fuller skin, I knew you once" weeps Fitzsimmons. The theme of the tracks are all too human, instantly recognizable for the majority of listeners, failing relationships drawing comparisons to the changing of the seasons in a recurring image used. Whilst towards the end of the record it tails off, with What Hold and Blood and Bones feeling somewhat like filler tracks, before the magnificently honest title track closes Gold In The Shadow. It's an apt title for an album that hides so much beauty within it's dark lyrical realms, as shown on the Julia Stone featuring Let You Break, which plays with intertwining male and female vocals to brilliant effect. Stone's vocals and harsh when compared to the soft soothing tones of Fitzsimmons, securing it as a sure fire album highlight. More recent likenesses will be drawn to the likes of Iron & Wine and Aqualung, two extremely successful musicians in their own rights, yet when Fitzsimmons is at his most alluring it's truly an unparalleled spectacle. William put together a special compilation containing some of his favourite tracks. TRACK LISTING: DISK ONE: 1. The Tide Pulls From The Moon 2. Beautiful Girl 3. The Winter From Her Leaving 4. Fade And Then Return 5. Psychasthenia 6. Bird Of Winter Prey 7. Let You Break (featuring Leigh Nash) 8 . Wounded Head 9. Tied To Me 10. What Hold DISK TWO: 1. Bird Of Winter Prey (Acoustic version) 2. Ever Could 3. The Tide Pulls From the Moon(Acoustic version) 4. From The Water 5. Blood And Bones 6. Fade And Then Return (Acoustic version) 7. Psychasthenia (Acoustic version) 8. Tied To Me (Acoustic version) 9. By My Side 10. Gold In Shadow iTunes Version: 1. The Tide Pulls from the Moon 2. Beautiful Girl 3. The Winter from Her Leaving 4. Fade and Then Return 5. Psychasthenia 6. Bird of Winter Prey 7. Let You Break (feat. Julia Stone) 8. Wounded Head 9. Tied to Me 10. What Hold 11. From the Water (Bonus Track) 12. Blood and Bones (Bonus Track)