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patrice rushen

patrice rushen

Will Smith - Big Willie Style [FULL ALBUM HQ]

2y ago


Track listing No. Title Writer(s) Length 1. "Intro" 1:51 2. "Y'All Know" Andreao "Fanatic" Heard, Will Smith 3:57 3. "Gettin' Jiggy wit It" Will Smith, Samuel J. Barnes, Bernard Edwards, Nile Rodgers, J. Robinson, Nasir Jones 3:47 4. "Candy (featuring Larry Blackmon and Cameo)" Will Smith, Ryan Toby, L. Blackmon, T. Jenkins 3:56 5. "Chasing Forever" Will Smith, Nasir Jones, Kenny Greene, Stevie Wonder 4:15 6. "Keith B-Real I (Interlude)" 1:07 7. "Don't Say Nothin'" Will Smith, Ryan Toby, Keith Pelzer 4:22 8. "Miami" Will Smith, Ryan Toby, Samuel J. Barnes, W. Shelby, S. Shockley, L. Sylvers III 3:17 9. "Yes Yes Y'All (featuring Camp Lo)" Will Smith, Nasir Jones, The Isley Brothers, C. Jasper, O. Scott, R. Wilson, J. Robinson 4:23 10. "I Loved You" Will Smith, Ryan Toby, Valvin Roane, Keith Pelzer, Joe Farrell 4:12 11. "Keith B-Real II (Interlude)" 0:30 12. "It's All Good" Will Smith, Jeff Townes, Carvin Haggins, B. Edwards, N. Rodgers 4:04 13. "Just the Two of Us" Will Smith, Bill Withers, W. Salter, R. MacDonald 5:15 14. "Keith B-Real III (Interlude)" 1:54 15. "Big Willie Style (featuring Lisa Lopes)" Will Smith, Timothy Riley, M. White, W. L. Vaughn, W. Vaughn 3:35 16. "Men in Black (featuring Coko)" Will Smith, Patrice Rushen, Terry McFadden, Fred Washington 3:45 Total length: 54:14