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beverly hills

beverly hills

Wilfred Marijuana Dispensary "Beverly Hills Cannabis Club" Recreated on FX Network

1y ago


I had the greatest time working with Wilfred on FX again this year. This is a collection of photos from the collective I built for them and some candid shots behind the scenes. Special thanks to everyone :) Please share, comment and spread the word through your social networks. Have a great day everyone! -Cheryl Shuman For more information on the CANNACig and RFMK Go to these links :) FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION COMMENTS AND FB LIKES/TWEETS ON MY ARTICLES! :) THNX :) Check out the article on: The stars shone brilliantly at Lure Night Club in Hollywood for the FX Summer Comedy Party. The celebration included series stars from Anger Management, Brand X With Russell Brand, Louie, Wilfred, and Totally Biased. Celebrities in attendance were Charlie Sheen, Russell Brand, Louis C.K., W. Kamau Bell, Selma Blair, Shawnee Smith, Daniela Bobadilla, Noureen DeWulf, Michael Arden, Derek Richardson, Elijah Wood, Jason Gann, Fiona Gubelmann and Dorian Brown. The room was electric, buzzing with the anticipated arrival of the "winning" man himself, Charlie Sheen, star of Anger Management. He was easy to spot upon his entrance, surrounded by nearly a dozen bodyguards. I noticed that he was the only celeb with such an entourage. Several sections of Lure were roped off for celebrities and VIPs. Massive video screens were everywhere, promoting the Thursday evening line up. Upon arrival with my daughter as my date, I stopped by to visit with each show and reunited with my friends from Wilfred — where I proudly work with them as the "marijuana expert" for the show. About Cheryl Shuman: Referred to as the "Martha Stewart of Marijuana," Cheryl Shuman announces the formation of Green Asset International Inc.. Shuman brings 25 years of experience working with media, celebrities, marketing and health care in Beverly Hills. Shuman found her passion in the cannabis movement since 1996 working as an activist and legal cannabis patient. Since using cannabis therapy, she has survived cancer and injuries from two car crashes. Shuman was the founder of Beverly Hills NORML, founding charter member of the NORML Women's Alliance and served on the steering committee for Public Relations and Marketing on an International platform. Cheryl Shuman is a founding member of the NCIA, National Cannabis Industry Association and served as the Director of Special Projects for the NCIA including the Women's Cannabusiness Network. Cheryl Shuman transformed her non-profit career into a thriving profitable media enterprise. Cheryl was the Executive Director of Celebrity, Media and Public Relations for the KUSH Brand which includes KUSH Magazine, KUSH Conventions and Cheryl Shuman has been interviewed for television programs, newspapers and magazines, including but not limited to: ABC News, CNN, Fox News, NBC News, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Today Show NBC, HBO Entertainment News and more. Her private medical cannabis collective, "The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club" is unlisted and membership is by referral only. Through her personal relationships and connections within Hollywood, Cheryl Shuman has been named as one of the most influential women in the cannabis reform movement by international media. Her position within the cannabis industry creates the first and only company of its kind and at the forefront of entertainment marketing, celebrity endorsements, product placement integration, sponsorships, production and technology. Cheryl Shuman serves as media spokesperson for the hot new vaporizer CANNACig Rapid Fire Marketing (pink sheets: RFMK) and conducts their marketing, public relations, product placement, and consulting services. Cheryl Shuman's "Green Asset International Inc....