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making it


4y ago


The BBC has one of the most admired collections of wildlife footage in the world. Every species, every continent, every behavior — these are the rarest of moments captured with remarkable intimacy and insight. BBCs acclaimed cinematography gives an immediacy, a beauty and a power to the visuals, often placing you, the viewer, directly in the action. And the collection even includes animals long extinct — thanks to our kingdom of CG dinosaurs and other beasts of millennia past. For commercial use, our wildlife footage conveys the full range of human emotions, making it easy to tell a powerful story through unforgettable metaphors. Comedy, tragedy, it's all here. And if you happen to be working within a museum or educational environment, you'll be happy to know that each shot is tagged with a rich body of scientific taxonomy, making it easy for you to locate your shots using the nomenclature you're comfortable with.