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Wii U: How to Get Online (and Angry) - Up at Noon

2y ago


Today, Brian Altano details the totally-not-fake process of registering your Wii U online. If you ever had a question about how the Wii U's friend code system works, this is not the guide for you. However, it's still pretty good. Also today, Mike Drucker complains about complainers who complain, and Greg Miller interviews Walt Williams, lead writer of military shoot-fest, Spec Ops: The Line. Walt gives some excellent insight about video game writing, so aspiring writers should give it a look! The extended interview with Walt can be found here: Finally, come hear gratuitous jokes about Dead Space 3, Shigeru (the Shig) Miyamoto, the Dark Knight Rises, Paranormal Activity 4, a Draw Something TV show, Mike Tyson, and a trailer that really doesn't make any sense. If you laugh hard enough, you will release me from my 1,000 year old prison. Subscribe to START for more original programming: Subscribe to IGN's channel for the latest reviews, trailers, and walkthroughs: TAGS: "wii u" "wii u online" "wii u friends codes" "walk williams" "spec ops" "spec ops the line" "dead space 2" "shigeru miyamoto" "the dark knight rises" batman "paranormal activity 4" "paranormal activity" "draw something" "mike tyson" interview chat humor skit news "gaming news" "video game news" comedy funny gaming video variety sketch spoof parody lol start START ign entertainment "up at noon"