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Staff Picks

Wiccan Celtic Music Mists Of Mourne by Magic Garden Music

4y ago


As above so below... I believe that music can change our vibration and consciousness, elevating our thoughts and soul to the higher realms of the cosmos. Feeling the magic beneath the moonlit sky on a warm summer night. Walking through the crisp winter snow in the heart of a forest. Meditating on an isolated beach I hear the sound of waves and feel the steady breeze caressing my face. Through the forest I walk on golden Autumn leaves and smell the heady drift of ancient trees and foliage. I sit on the winter forest floor gazing at the fire light as my spirit hovers above my head. I am at one with nature and at once grounded but elevated. Hope you enjoy this music I have composed, played along with my photography and video footage from Monkton Wyld, Dorset, UK. My influences are wicca, earth magic, new age music, folk music, relaxation and celtic music. Music that reflects the power and beauty of the ocean forest moon and sea, stonehenge nature spirits and the sky, winter and summer solstice, the sunset and sunrise. The ancient art of white witchcraft and laws of attraction, the secret. Abraham and Esther Hicks. Meditation and chanting in harmony with the universe. I film and photograph on my Canon 550d and Canon XHA1 high definition cameras. I record the music at my studio playing guitar, violin, piano, bass, whistles, mandolin and percussion. As above so below Blessed be