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WHY Saddam Invaded Iran And Kuwait.

4y ago


Saddam invaded Iran in 1980, during the hostage crisis, because we told him to. Donald Rumsfield went to Iraq and gave Saddam 80 Biologicial agents. The US gave military backing to Saddam Hussein. Eventually, we helped him build a huge army. The Israeli Mossad wanted to get rid of Saddam and Iraq's big army but didn't have the air power, the aircraft carriers to do the job, so it lied, saying he was a madman that was going to go nuclear and seize all of the oil in the Mideast. It agitated between Kuwait and Iraq to get the first Gulf War Started. It had a spy at the Pentagaon, Larry Franklin, who fed James Feith, #3 man, aide to Wolfowitz, baloney about pre-war Iraq and Saddam Hussein that got Cheney's ear and W Bush. Hillary and Jay Rockefeller also believed the baloney as did Dick Durbin and a host of other Dimocrats and Republicans. In any case, they got us into Iraq! And in 1991, Bush Sr put 25,000 Christian troops in Saudi Arabia, which was under no danger from Saddam, since it did not steal his oil like Kuwait had, and that is one of the reasons Bin Laden got mad and used Saudis to blow up the WTC and Pentagon, etc. Thus, there are no wars without spies. Mossad wages war by lying. Has spies here under deep cover and is lying now about Iran, as is Netanyahu.