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buddha statue

buddha statue

Why India is better than China

4y ago


This video is in response to the video titled "Why China is better than India". The actual purpose of this video to show why competition and any sort of comparison between India and China is senseless. We are two completely different countries who can make a better future through cooperation, not competition. To end, we can choose our friends but not our neighbors. Both India and China should learn to respect each other. ::IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE:: *Infosys center in Bangalore *Call center in India *iflex solutions center in Bangalore *Mukesh Ambani (Indian billionaire) *Lakshmi Mittal (Indian billionaire) *Anil Ambani (Indian billionaire) *Muslim female voting in Kashmir, India *Communist poster in China *Graph from Goldman Sachs' "Path to 2050" *The city of Lothal in present day Gujarat, India in 2500 BC *Terracota army from 210 BC *Maitreya statue from Thinkse Monastery, Ladakh *Bodh Gaya temple in Bihar, India *Buddha statue in Tawang, India *Indians waving their country's flag *Independence day celebration in Bangalore, India *Tienanmen Square protests - 'Tank Man image' *Uighur protests *Uighur protests *Shopping mall in India *Still from 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham' *Bruce Lee *Boddhidharma art *Indian martial arts *IIT Bombay *ISB Hyderabad *IIT Delhi *Scorpene submarines (France) *C-130J Hercules (USA) *P-8I Poseidon (USA) *Gandhi statue in Russia *Gandhi statue in South Africa *Communist soldier with Mao's image overlooking him *Ancient sea-trade route map *Columbus sailing out in search of India *INS Viraat *Vikrant-class aircraft carrier *INS Vikramaditya *Sadhu with cellphone *Pandit with cellphone *Indian women with cellphone *Chandrayaan launch path *PSLV rocket take-off *Aiswariya Rai, former Miss World *Diana Hayden, former Miss World *Priyanka Chopra, former Miss World *Marathi woman *North-East Indian woman *Tamil woman *Kashmiri women *Chinese people *Chicken curry with paratha *Chicken tikka masala *Chinese food *Dalai Lama at Hindu ceremony *Tibetan monks in Andhra Pradesh, India *Free Tibet protest in India *Free Tibet protester *Ratan Tata with Tata Nano *Nandan Nilekani of Infosys *Sunil Mittal of Airtel *Manmohan Singh with Sarkozy *Manmohan Singh with Gordon Brown *Manmohan Singh with Merkel *Manmohan Singh with Obama *Manmohan Singh with Dimitry *Nasdaq celebrating Indian independence day *Punjabi men *Rajasthani women *Young Indian children *Indian youth in Goa *Old Chinese men