Message sent! Check your Phone Video Contest Entry - Shannon

4y ago


This is my entry for the Video Contest sponsored by TRI CYCLEN LO. In this video I talk about where my life is headed and how excited I am about it! I have two main career aspirations: to work at the Toronto Zoo and continue to work in the animal biology and environmental conservation fields, and to continue to improve my editing skills to make more frequent and more high quality online videos. If I won $10000, these dreams would be even closer to my reach! Getting to the zoo would be made much easier and be less of a problem, and I could update my technology to help me continue to make videos. Thank you so much for your support with this contest and for watching my video :) *** Special thanks to: Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter (for the music, used with permission): Conor (for the set and computer access): ApprenticeA Productions (for the experience and the video clips): *** Find me on the internet: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: DAILYBOOTH: GOOGLE+: TUMBLR: FORMSPRING: