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Who Won E3 2012? The Results Are In! - IGN Versus

4y ago


During E3 2012, we asked who you felt "won" the conference among the big three console companies: Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony. Well, you voted and the results are in! See which company impressed you the most with their presentations here! The voting may be over but the debate rages on! Weigh in with your thoughts here: Subscribe to IGN's channel for the latest reviews, trailers, and walkthroughs: TAGS: "e3 2012" e3 E3 "microsoft e3 2012" "nintendo e3 2012" "sony e3 2012" "xbox 360 e3 2012" "wii u e3 2012" "ps3 e3 2012" "who won e3 2012" "e3 2012 winner" versus "ign versus" "best e3 2012" "who won e3" "wii u" versus results "halo 4 limited edition" "igns versus" "halo 4" games nintendo "super mario wii u" "playstation 3" sony "god of war ascension" feature "xbox 360" microsoft "video games" "video game" games gaming ign IGN HD HQ official