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border police

border police

whisky comedian podcast ScotchRail Alan Cummings

4y ago


To commemorate the last night of being able to drink alcohol on ScotRail trains we took a return trip on the Glasgow to Edinburgh train to treat the passengers to some free whisky. We even had Hollywood actor Alan Cummings as company - as well as half of Lothian & Border Police. Whisky Comedian Alan Anderson is performing his show Whisky For Dafties at the Edinburgh Fringe 2nd - 26th August 2012, Tron Pub, Hunter Square, 9pm. Scott Agnew is performing "Tales of the Sauna" at The Stand 11.40pm Whiskies were supplied by the good spirits company in Glasgow Joining us was Jan Beckers from Douglas Laing and Co. Alan Anderson took part in extended discussions on the ScotRail alcohol ban on BBC Radio. ... 0_07_2012/ starts at 1hr 22mins ... 0_07_2012/ starts at 5mins continues at 16mins