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the badger

the badger

Where's the Badger Now?

4y ago


Michigan banned dumping in the Great Lakes in 1970 and the Supreme Court upheld the law, ruling "even ash from an incinerator" can't be dumped in the lakes. But as they say in the world of viral videos: "the Badger doesn't care." The S.S. Badger's dumping in the Great Lakes continues despite years of promises. The EPA in 2008 gave the Badger five years to clean up its dumping practices, which also violate the U.S. Clean Water Act, and now the Badger wants another five years (or more) to keep dumping, claiming they plan to obey the law "someday." They also claim their toxic ash, 1 million pounds dumped annually, is "inert" and "basically sand." Judge for yourself by reviewing Save Our Great Lakes' fun video about an important and serious issue.