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What They Wont Tell You In College Class Of 2016 (Freshman Must Watch)

1y ago


Trending Topic #WhatTheyWontTellYouInCollege Follow -- @Youngsolarmusic BELOW ARE A LIST OF THINGS YOU NEED FOR COLLEGE I've seen post asking what should you bring to the College. Well ,this list of "What to Bring to Your Dorm" is comprised of Things that have already been ommitted that you can't bring. Some things are optional as you will see while reading it and somethings you probably wouldn't have thought of had I not metioned it. I really wish I had this list coming in. For clothing items the number by it is the minimum you should bring. You can bring more but remember freshman dorm closet's aren't that big. 1.21 sets of underwear 2. 21 pairs of socks (more if you play sports) 3. 21 pairs of pants/jeans 4.28 shirts/blouses 5. 2 sets of sweats Pajamas 6. Slippers and/or flip-flops 7. 2 sweaters Light/heavy jackets 8. Gloves/scarf/hat 9. 1 pair of boots 10. 10 pairs of sneakers or comfortable/walking shoes 11. 3 set of business-casual clothes 12.1 business professional suit 13. 1 pair of dress shoes 14. 1 swimsuit (not needed)(but because we have a pool & because you never know what trips you'll go on with your friends) 15. Bedside lamp (not needed)(needed when you don't want to have the light on disturbing your roomate or don't feel like getting up to turn it off A side especially) 16. Alarm clock/clock radio (other than your cell phone) 17. Wastepaper basket 18.Bed Risers (Also a small bed cover to make it softer)(see item 34) 19.Storage bins 20. Under-the-bed storage trays 21. Fan 22. Bulletin board and pushpins/ Dry-erase wall calendar/board 23. Computer and printer 24. Surge protector 25. Extension cords 26. 3-2 prong adapters 27. Portable music player 28. Headphones 29. Camera (Your phone is good enough)(girls will prolly bring a real one) 30. Cell phone 31.Sheets and pillowcases 32. Towels (5 each of bath, hand and face) 33. Pillows (2) 34. Mattress pad (Check with college for size needed.) 35. Blankets (2) Comforter/bedspread 36. Clothes hangers 37. Laundry bag/basket 38. Laundry detergent, fabric softener and stain remover 39. Lint brush 40. Sewing kit 41. Antacid 42. Aspirin or other pain relievers 43. Vitamins 44. Antidiarrheal medicine (Sick!!) 45. Adhesive bandages, 46.antibiotic ointment 47.Cough drops 48.Shampoo and conditioner 49. Hairstyling products 50. Bath and face soap 51. Travel soap container(s) 52. Toothpaste and toothbrush 53. Dental floss 54. Comb/brush 55. Tweezers 56. Nail clippers 57. Hair dryer 58. Razor and shaving cream 59. Lotion and/or facial moisturizer 60. Cotton swabs 61.Umbrella 62.Backpack (If needed) 63. Electronic storage media such as CDs/DVDs, memory cards and USB flash drives 64.Stapler and staples 65. Printer paper 66. Pens and pencils 67. Pencil holder and sharpener 68. Notebooks 69. Folder with pockets 70. Labels of various sizes 71. 3 x 5 cards 72. Sticky notes 73. Paper clips and binder clips 74. Rubber bands 75. Scissors 76. Highlighter pens (multiple colors) 77. Ruler 78. Stackable desk trays (at least 4) 79. Dictionary 80. Thesaurus 81. Stamps and envelopes 82.Audio equipment TV and VCR/DVD player 83.Area rug 84.Posters/art 85.Paper towels 86.Trash bags 87. Lightbulbs 88. All-purpose cleaner 89. Plastic storage bags 90. Food-storage containers 91. Dish soap 92. Wet wipes 93. Tissues 94. Bowl, plate and cup 95. Coffee mug 96. Silverware 97. Can/bottle opener 98.Whiteout 99.Calculator 100. Push pins 101.Stationery, stamps, greeting cards 102. Hole punch 103.City Phone book 104. Address book 105. Extra printer cartridges 106. Deodorant 107. Closet organizer 108.Hangers 109.Shelf and drawer liners 110.Curtains and curtain hardware 111.Hydrogen peroxide 112.Rubbing alcohol 113.Thermometer 114.Ace bandage . 115.Freezable ice pack. 116.Driver's license 117.Social security card 118.Health insurance information 119.Shoe bags (one in closet fo...